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I'm Ian. I mostly post about punk rock, comic books,

and guitar gear. Once my body tried to eat itself.


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My Chemical Romance on the making of ‘Helena’.

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fbi’s most unwanted

revives this for ufo day~



fbi’s most unwanted

revives this for ufo day~

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Imagine how 65daysofstatic must feel knowing that Taylor Swift just out sold them with only 8 seconds of static

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Taylor Swift goes No. 1 on iTunes Canada with 8 seconds of static: LISTEN.



If there’s ever been any question about the power of Taylor Swift’s name to move records, this should dispel it. Some sort of glitch in the Canadian version of iTunes Tuesday morning led to the release of what was ostensibly a new track from her album. The record, for now titled only “Track 3,” is nothing more than 8 seconds of static, but that didn’t stop fans from taking it straight to No. 1.

As of this morning the 8 seconds of white noise—which we should have embedded for your pleasure shortly—remains at No. 1, where it sits just ahead, of course, two other songs from Taylor Swift.

this is important. this is the most important thing to happen to pop music in decades.

can’t wait for taylor swift’s new album: ‘Metal Machine Music’

i would buy a taylor swift noise record

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I bought tickets to see TWDY on halloween and The Fall of Troy on monday next week is gonna be wild

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Gerard Way’s band was super tight. The drummer is the same guy who was playing drums in MCR towards the end and he is one of the best rock drummers I’ve ever seen, and his guitarist plays a hi-watt which rules, and of course it’s always awesome to see James Dewees. The songs were a lot fuzzier and heavier than on the record but it was cool to hear them like that.

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Rewatching The West Wing is more fun when you add in the game “Aaron Sorkin Hates Women!”

You take a drink every time the script turns super misogynistic (this happens often)

CJ Cregg is perfect no matter what Sorkin tries to do.

This would be even worse if you did it with Sports Night

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Gerard Way Embiggen

Gerard Way

I’m going to a songwriting masterclass with David Byrne in 2 weeks wow